The Key Mindset for Fruitful Ministry


With all the demands on Christians in ministry, it’s easy to experience discouragement and burnout. In this short video clip from our Online Leader Training, Michael talks about a key biblical mindset that prevents burnout and enables believers to experience fruitful ministry.

This clip is an excerpt from our Online Leader Training, which equips leaders, teachers, and parents to provide excellent children’s discipleship that results in real-life change. Through our course, leaders gain valuable teaching skills and discover how to powerfully and effectively use our curriculum. Check out our Leader Training, or learn about hosting a workshop at your church.

Michael has served as Director of Heroic Life Discipleship since the ministry began in 2012. He is passionate about effective discipleship, and desires to inspire others to seek after Christ with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Michael enjoys reading, travel, music, volleyball, ice hockey, and hiking.

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