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A resource for Christ-centered discipleship!

Have you ever desired a discipleship resource that provides:

  • A Biblically sound perspective on truth?
  • A simple articulation of the Gospel that doesn’t diminish the fullness of its truth?
  • A tool for Christ-Centered discipleship?
  • An understandable and effective discipleship model that will help children mature in Christ?

Our goal as Heroic Life Discipleship is to provide high quality resources that facilitate discipleship, equip for ministry, and spread a passion for the gospel and glory of Jesus Christ.

Heroic Life has been an opportunity to give Jesus. It’s a ministry that teaches the simple truth of the gospel to children and believes that the Spirit of God will use it to change them. Kids can understand the gospel; there is no need to water it down. The lesson plans are simple, filled with the Word in text and in person, leading to the one great metropolis of the Scriptures: Jesus. God has used this to grow me in faithfully and joyfully teaching his Word to children of all ages. And I believe He will continue to use it for His glory.

Alex M. |Colorado

Curriculum Overview

We’re excited to provide you with excellent and effective tools for teaching truth that go beyond just a “sinner’s prayer” and aid in bringing children to maturity in Christ.

We recognize that Scripture and its truth is for all followers of Christ, regardless of age: a gift to be cherished, understood, applied, and shared. Thusly, while we maintain the child-like simplicity of the gospel, the message of Christianity in the Heroic Life curriculum is not diluted.

Our curriculum is designed for children ages 5-12 and has also effectively been used with older and younger children. It is divided into eight semesters, with each semester containing fourteen lessons. Each lesson includes:

  • A Bible story and discussion guide
  • A small group application guide
  • A story from Christian history or an overview of a country
  • An activity
  • A memory verse
  • Suggested songs for a time of family worship
  • Ideas for family groups
  • Heroes at Home student workbook

The first semester of our curriculum covers foundational truths of Christianity, and the second through eighth semesters progress chronologically through Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.

We’re publishing the seventh and eighth semesters first because we think they make the best stand-alone “starter package,” giving a clear view of the goal of the gospel and maturity in a Christian’s life. We’ll publish the remainder of the semesters incrementally over the next few years.

Outline of the entire curriculum:

  • Semester 1: Foundations – Explore the nature of God and why we can trust the Bible.
  • Semester 2: The Source of Life – Learn God’s purpose for man as you study stories from creation through Jacob’s return to the Promised Land. (Genesis 1-33)
  • Semester 3: Faithful Father – See God’s character revealed through stories of His interaction with His people, from Joseph to Moses’ disobedience at the rock of Horeb. (Genesis 34-Numbers 20)
  • Semester 4: Trust and Triumph – Witness the victory that comes through faith in a powerful and loving God as you hear about the time from Joshua leading Israel into the Promised Land through the beginning of Samuel’s ministry. (Numbers 22-1 Samuel 7)
  • Semester 5: The Rightful Ruler – See God as the one King to whom all must bow as you read stories from King Saul through King Solomon. (1 Samuel 8-1 Kings 12)
  • Semester 6: Unstoppable God – Study the lives of the kings of Judah and Israel and the prophets, and learn how God’s purposes and plans cannot be stopped. (1-2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles, the Prophets)
  • Semester 7: Our Sure Salvation – Watch in excitement as the long expected Messiah comes to His people bringing hope and salvation. (The Gospels)
  • Semester 8: The Exchanged Life – Learn of God’s plan for His church as you explore stories from Acts through Revelation.

Bible Story Guide

The core of our curriculum is the Word of God. The lesson begins with a story from Scripture, told accurately by the
teacher. Each teaching includes discussion questions for the kids which will lead them to make observations from the
Bible story and discover a conclusion point that is applicable today.

Application Guide

This guide designed for teachers to use in a small group setting continues the conversation of the Bible story: What is happening in this story? Why does it matter? How does it affect my life? Children will clearly understand how the lesson applies to their life.


Teachers are additionally provided with activities to illustrate the heart of each lesson. Through a hands-on, tactile approach, kids will be enabled to grasp the message of Scripture with greater clarity.

Mighty Men

Introduce kids to real life heroes that inspire the pursuit of Jesus Christ. Ever heard of Jim Elliot, Gladys Aylward, or C.T. Studd? Your children need to hear their stories. These teachings provide unforgettable accounts of ordinary Christians following their extraordinary God.


Invite kids to step outside the limits of their own lives and explore what God is doing around the world. Heroic Life Discipleship provides global awareness and perspective, focusing on the needs and cultures of the persecuted church and unreached people groups along with ways that God is at work even in the hardest of places.

Family Group

Debrief from the discipleship lesson in sibling groups. Ideas are included in the curriculum for leading discussion with children of all ages to help them re-cap and articulate what they learned. These times allow siblings to grow in unity as they reflect upon the lesson together and see what God is teaching their whole family.

Heroes at Home Workbook

Reinforce Heroic Life Discipleship lessons with these fun, engaging student workbooks. Each lesson in the curriculum has corresponding summaries, activities, and a guided Scripture study in the Heroes at Home booklets to use throughout the week. They can be completed by children on their own or enjoyed together as a family. These workbooks come in two levels: one for children approximately 4-7 years old and the other for children ages 8-13.

Semester 1


This semester lays a solid foundation upon which a Christian can build their life. As you progress through each lesson, you will lead children to discover the wonders of who God is and the incredible treasure of His Word. Each topic guides students to not only know God, but also understand how the truth about Him practically impacts their day-to-day lives. Along with our other curriculum, this material was designed to foster a desire for growing in a deeper relationship with Christ. Throughout this semester, children will encounter God as the righteous and holy Lord, yet the merciful and humble Shepherd. They will hear of the One who is Truth and has given His Word to us as a guide and authority for our lives. Most of all, they will learn of the loving Savior who came to give His life so we might live.

Scope and Sequence

Bible Story Lesson Takeaway Mighty Men & Intercession
Lesson 1 God Is
Do you believe that God is real and that He wants to have a relationship with you? England
Lesson 2 God’s Word
Adam Hears God’s Command
Do you want to know and love God and His Word more? William Tyndale
Lesson 3 God’s Word Leads
Abram Follows God
Will you seek to know and follow God’s Word William Tyndale
Lesson 4 God’s Word is True
The Exodus of Israel
Will you trust that God’s Word is always true? William Tyndale
Lesson 5 God’s Word is Enough
Joshua and the Commander
Are you living like God’s Word is enough to show you how to live? William Tyndale
Lesson 6 God’s Word is Our Authority
Saul Disobeys God
Are you obeying God’s Word? Belarus
Lesson 7 Almighty Shepherd
Jonah Runs from God
Will you trust that God is working to draw you to Himself? The Waldensians
Lesson 8 Three in One
Jesus is Baptized
Do you want a close relationship with God? The Waldensians
Lesson 9 Righteous and Holy
The Rich Young Man
Do you see that God is righteous and holy and that you need to be like Him? The Waldensians
Lesson 10 Merciful and Humble
The Adulterous Woman
Do you see that God is merciful and humble and that you need His mercy? Russia
Lesson 11 Savior
Jesus dies for us
Do you completely trust the work Jesus did for you on the cross? John Welch
Lesson 12 Loving Lord
The Resurrection of Jesus
Are you loving Jesus and seeking to obey Him in every area of your life? John Welch
Lesson 13 Victorious
Peter’s Escape from Prison
Do you believe that since God is triumphant over all thigns, you can live with victory in your life? John Welch
Lesson 14 Faithful and True
The Return of Christ
Are you trusting God’s faithfulness and faithfully following Him? John Welch
Semester 2

The Source of Life

Semester 2 highlights stories from the first 33 chapters of Genesis, from the creation account to Jacob’s return to the Promised Land. Through these lessons, children will take away an understanding of man’s nature and the nature of God and His purpose for man. They will see that, because God is our source of life, when man chose to sin and separate himself from God, he separated himself from Life. However, instead of allowing man to remain in sin and death, God pursued a people to set apart for Himself and restore to a life of freedom. As we follow Christ and seek Him above all else, trusting and depending on Him, we can live in that freedom and experience the fullness of the joy that He so delights to give.

Scope and Sequence

Bible Story Lesson Takeaway Mighty Men & Intercession
Lesson 1 Created in His Image
God Creates the World
Do you know God made you to show what He is like? China
Lesson 2 Separated from God
Adam and Eve Sin
How does sin change your relationship with God? Gladys Aylward
Lesson 3 The Power of Sin
Cain and Abel
What happens when sin is in charge of your life? Gladys Aylward
Lesson 4 Saved by Faith
The Flood
Will you trust God to save you from the punishment of sin? Gladys Aylward
Lesson 5 Serving the Better Master
The Tower of Babel
Will you follow God instead of sin? Gladys Aylward
Lesson 6 Trusting in Trials
The Story of Job
Will you trust God even when things are hard? Mongolia
Lesson 7 Set Apart
God Calls Abram
Are you willing to let go of things to follow God? Hudson Taylor
Lesson 8 Believing the Impossible
The Birth of Isaac Promised
Will you trust God to keep His promises? Hudson Taylor
Lesson 9 The Seriousness of Sin
Sodom and Gomorrah
Do you think about sin the same way God does? Hudson Taylor
Lesson 10 The Surrendered Life
Abraham Offers Isaac
Is your life fully given to God? North Korea
Lesson 11 The Joy of Obedience
Isaac and Rebekah
Do you know the joy of obeying God? John and Betty Stam
Lesson 12 Selfish Striving
Jacob Steals the Blessing
Will you trust God to give you what is best? John and Betty Stam
Lesson 13 Undeserved Blessings
Jacob’s Dream
Are you thanking God for His blessings? John and Betty Stam
Lesson 14 Desperate for God
Jacob Wrestles with God
What are you depending on? John and Betty Stam
Semester 3

Faithful Father

In Semester 3: Faithful Father, children will learn what it means to walk with God as they follow stories of the Israelites from the days of Joseph through the life of Moses. These fourteen lessons include topics such as forgiveness, trusting God’s provision, supporting one another, and living a life that reflects God’s glory. As God’s people journey from Egypt into the wilderness, children will discover the abundant provision, protection, and love of their faithful Father who will never leave them.

Scope and Sequence

Bible Story Lesson Takeaway Mighty Men & Intercession
Lesson 1 Loving Like Jesus
Joseph’s Dreams
Are you loving others like Jesus does? Nigeria
Lesson 2 Overcoming Evil
Joseph Sold by His Brothers
How do you respond when things upset you? Mary Slessor
Lesson 3 Walking in Wisdom
Joseph Explains Pharaoh’s Dreams
Are you asking God for wisdom? Mary Slessor
Lesson 4 A Faithful Life
Pharaoh Appoints Joseph
Are you faithfully following God each day? Mary Slessor
Lesson 5 Freely Forgiving
Joseph Meets His Brothers
Are you forgiving others like God has forgiven you? Mary Slessor
Lesson 6 Children of God
Jacob’s Family Goes to Egypt
Are you living like you’re part of God’s family? Sudan
Lesson 7 Ready to Follow
Moses and the Burning Bush
Do you trust that God has given you everything you need to obey Him? Rowland Bingham
Lesson 8 God Over All
The Nile Turns to Blood
Do you trust God to give you victory over sin? Rowland Bingham
Lesson 9 Set Free
The Passover
Are you living like God has set you free from fear and punishment? Rowland Bingham
Lesson 10 Not Forgotten
Crossing the Red Sea
Do you trust that God is always working for your good and His glory? Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lesson 11 The God Who Provides
Moses Strikes the Rock
Are you living like God will provide for you? C.T. Studd
Lesson 12 Strength to Serve
The Battle at Rephidim
Are you using your strength to serve others? C.T. Studd
Lesson 13 No Other Gods
The Golden Calf
Are you loving God with all your heart? C.T. Studd
Lesson 14 Showing His Glory
Moses Strikes the Rock Again
Does your life show what God is like? C.T. Studd
Semester 4

Trust and Triumph

In Semester 4: Trust and Triumph, children will learn the key to the victorious Christian life as they observe God lead the Israelites into the Promised Land and conquer their enemies. These lessons highlight the ability of the believer to fight and win in the struggle against sin through faith and the power of God’s Spirit alive in them. Following stories from Joshua, Judges, and Ruth, children and teachers alike will be inspired to trust and follow the God who gives life, defeats sin, and guides His people into grace and glory.

Scope and Sequence

Bible Story Lesson Takeaway Mighty Men & Intercession
Lesson 1 Look and Live
The Bronze Serpent
Are you trusting Jesus to save you and give you life? Ecuador
Lesson 2 No Compromise
God’s Command to Conquer Canaan
Are you driving sin out of your life? Jim Elliot
Lesson 3 Acting in Faith
Rahab and the Spies
Are you living like what you believe is real? Jim Elliot
Lesson 4 All Things Are Possible
Do you trust that God can do what seems impossible? Jim Elliot
Lesson 5 Hidden Sin
Are you hiding sin in your life? Jim Elliot
Lesson 6 The God Who Is For You
The Sun Stands Still
Since God is fighting for you, are you living for Him with all your strength? Colombia
Lesson 7 Power Over Sin
The Five Kings
Are you living like you have power over sin? The Saint Family
Lesson 8 Undistracted
Israel Forsakes God
Are you remembering who God is and what He has done? The Saint Family
Lesson 9 In Need of Refuge
Boaz Meets Ruth
Are you asking and trusting Jesus to help you when you’re in need? The Saint Family
Lesson 10 Undeserved Kindness
Boaz Provides for Ruth
Do you recognize you don’t deserve God’s kindness and are you thanking Him for it? Brazil
Lesson 11 Redeemed
Boaz Marries Ruth
Are you letting God use your life to bless others? Jeannette and Johan Lukasse
Lesson 12 For His Glory
Gideon Chooses an Army
Are you living to glorify yourself or God? Jeannette and Johan Lukasse
Lesson 13 No Turning Back
God Promises Gideon Victory
Are you obeying God even when you’re afraid? Jeannette and Johan Lukasse
Lesson 14 By My Spirit
A Sword for the Lord and for Gideon
Are you trusting in your own strength or in God’s? Jeannette and Johan Lukasse
Semester 5

The Rightful Ruler

Semester 5: The Rightful Ruler focuses on God’s good authority and lordship in our lives. Stories from the lives of the prophet Samuel, King Saul, King David, and King Solomon reveal to students and teachers the power struggle between the flesh and the Spirit in our own lives. As we reflect on the choices made by these leaders from the past, we see what the results are when we choose to recognize Jesus as King and what happens when we reject Him as the ruler of our lives.

Scope and Sequence

Bible Story Lesson Takeaway Mighty Men & Intercession
Lesson 1 Quick to Hear
God Calls Samuel
Are you listening to God’s Word? The Arctic Inuit
Lesson 2 The Intercessor
Samuel Judges Israel
Do you call out to Jesus to save you? Samuel Morris
Lesson 3 Who Is In Charge?
Israel Demands a King
Who are you living with as King of your life? Samuel Morris
Lesson 4 Ready to Obey
Saul’s Wrong Sacrifice
Are you doing what you think is best, or are you obeying Jesus? Samuel Morris
Lesson 5 A Heart After God
Samuel Anoints David as King
Who does your heart belong to? Samuel Morris
Lesson 6 That the World May Know
David Defeats Goliath
Are you living for God’s glory and trusting that He is fighting for you? The Pueblo People
Lesson 7 Joyful Surrender
Jonathan and David
Do you love giving your whole life to Jesus? David Brainerd
Lesson 8 The Narrow Way
Saul Pursues David
Which way are you choosing to follow? David Brainerd
Lesson 9 Devoted to the King
David’s Mighty Men
Are you living like a good soldier of Jesus? David Brainerd
Lesson 10 Stolen Away
Absalom’s Rebellion
Are you letting your heart be stolen away from God? Mexico
Lesson 11 Giving with Gladness
David Prepares for the Temple
Are you using what God has given you to bless Him and serve others? David Wilkerson
Lesson 12 His Dwelling Place
Solomon Dedicates the Temple
Are you living like you are the temple of God? David Wilkerson
Lesson 13 Let the Nations Be Glad
The Queen of Sheba
Is your life showing Jesus to others? David Wilkerson
Lesson 14 Hold Fast
Solomon’s Downfall
Will you keep seeking God with all your heart? David Wilkerson
Semester 6

Unstoppable God

Semester 6: Unstoppable God walks children through the days of Israel and Judah’s last kings, the captivity of God’s people, and finally, their return to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Through the stories of of Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Esther, and Nehemiah, children will learn about joining God in the advancement of His kingdom and gain practical understanding of how to introduce others to Jesus.

Scope and Sequence

Bible Story Lesson Takeaway Mighty Men & Intercession
Lesson 1 Choose This Day
Elijah on Mount Carmel
Have you made up your mind who you will follow? India
Lesson 2 The Lord is God
God Sends Fire
Are you boldly believing and telling God’s truth? Amy Carmichael
Lesson 3 Unwavering Hope
The Lord Sends Rain
Do you believe God hears your prayer, even when it seems like nothing is happening? Amy Carmichael
Lesson 4 Stay the Course
Elijah in the Cave
Are you doing what God wants you to do? Amy Carmichael
Lesson 5 Take Up Your Cross
Elijah Calls Elisha
What are you willing to leave behind to follow God? Amy Carmichael
Lesson 6 Cast Your Cares
Elisha and the Widow’s Oil
Who are you taking your problems to? Pakistan
Lesson 7 Choosing to Believe
Naaman Healed of Leprosy
What is your attitude when you hear God’s instructions? John “Praying” Hyde
Lesson 8 Seeing the Invisible
Horses and Chariots of Fire
Do you encourage others not to be afraid because God is with them? John “Praying” Hyde
Lesson 9 Even If
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
Does your life show that God is with you even in scary times? John “Praying” Hyde
Lesson 10 Seeing the Living God
Daniel in the Lions’ Den
Does your life show that God is at work? Cambodia
Lesson 11 If I Perish
Esther and Mordecai
Are you willing to speak up for others even when it hurts? Rochunga Pudaite
Lesson 12 For Such a Time as This
Esther Saves Her People
Do you realize that your choices make a difference in other people’s lives? Rochunga Pudaite
Lesson 13 A Heart Like His
Nehemiah Sent to Judah
Do you care about the things God cares about? Rochunga Pudaite
Lesson 14 Remember the Lord
Nehemiah Rebuilds the Wall
Do you stand up for the people God has put in your life? Rochunga Pudaite
Semester 7

Our Sure Salvation

This semester highlights stories from the life of Christ. It introduces children to Jesus through His teachings, miracles, interactions with others, and ultimately the cross and resurrection. As the stories of His life unfold, Christ emerges as the long-awaited Savior; the Treasure of treasures; the Son of God and Lord of all; the Man of compassion, authority, sacrifice, and triumph. These lessons cultivate an ability and desire to know, love, worship, and follow the One who calls each disciple to take up their cross and gain His abundant life.

Scope and Sequence

Bible Story Lesson Takeaway Mighty Men & Intercession
Lesson 1 The Coming Hope
Waiting for the Messiah
Do you see your need for a Savior? The Maldives
Lesson 2 Wonderful Savior
The Birth of Jesus
Do you see that Jesus is worthy to be worshipped? John Paton
Lesson 3 Obedient Son
The Baptism of Jesus
Will you turn and obey God? John Paton
Lesson 4 Tempted
The Temptation of Jesus
How can you respond to temptation? John Paton
Lesson 5 Fisher of Men
Calling the Disciples
Will you give your whole life to follow God? John Paton
Lesson 6 Compassionate Healer
Cleansing the Leper
Do you know you’re welcomed into the presence of God? The Philppines
Lesson 7 Lover of Sinners
Jesus Anointed
How will you respond to Christ’s love? Adoniram and Ann Judson
Lesson 8 Merciful and Just
Parable of the Pharisee and Tax Collector
What are you trusting in? Adoniram and Ann Judson
Lesson 9 Triumphant
Casting Out Demons
Will you live by faith? Adoniram and Ann Judson
Lesson 10 Almighty God
Calming the Storm
Will you trust Jesus to take care of you? Indonesia
Lesson 11 Man of Sorows
How will you respond to hard things? Joanne Shetler
Lesson 12 The Lamb Slain
The Crucifixion of Jesus
Do you understand what Christ did for you on the cross? Joanne Shetler
Lesson 13 Risen King
The Resurrection
Are you living like Jesus is alive? Joanne Shetler
Lesson 14 Lord of All
The Great Comission
Are you living like Jesus is always with you? Joanne Shetler
Semester 8

The Exchanged Life

These lessons explore the Acts of the apostles and their teaching and anticipate Christ’s triumphant return. Throughout this semester, kids are taught to observe the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of God’s people. As the believers in these stories press toward the goal of Christ Jesus, children learn what it means to walk in the Spirit, live a victorious life, and spread the unstoppable message of the gospel to all nations.

Scope and Sequence

Bible Story Lesson Takeaway Mighty Men & Intercession
Lesson 1 Weak and Willing
Peter Denies Jesus
Do you see your need for the Holy Spirit? Israel
Lesson 2 The Promised Gift
The Helper Comes
How do you receive the Holy Spirit? The ten Boom Family
Lesson 3 Walking in the Spirit
A Lame Man Healed
Are you walking in the power of the Holy Spirit? The ten Boom Family
Lesson 4 Cleansed Hearts
Ananias and Sapphira
Are you confessing your sin and asking God to cleanse your heart? The ten Boom Family
Lesson 5 Something Greater
Stephen’s Martyrdom
Do you know the joy that’s greater than anything this world can give? The ten Boom Family
Lesson 6 Unstoppable
Saul’s Conversion
Will you trust that God can use you to join in the unstoppable spread of His gospel? Afghanistan
Lesson 7 One Body
Peter’s Vision
Are you willing to love and share Jesus with your enemies and those who are different from you? Brother Andrew
Lesson 8 Saved by Grace
The Jerusalem Council
Are you trying to work for your salvation or trusting Jesus alone to save you? Brother Andrew
Lesson 9 Rejoice Always
The Philippian Jail
Are you rejoicing in difficulties? Brother Andrew
Lesson 10 Unto Jesus
Paul’s Faithful Life
Are you living fully for Jesus each day? Iran
Lesson 11 Ready to Obey
Determined to Visit Jerusalem
Are you willing to follow God, even when obeying Him doesn’t seem to make sense? Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand
Lesson 12 Undefeated
Shipwrecked on Malta
Do you trust that God’s plans are always undefeated? Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand
Lesson 13 Watching and Waiting
Anticipating Christ’s Return
Are you living like you’re ready for Jesus to come back? Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand
Lesson 14 Together at Last
Forever with the Lord
Are you looking forward to spending the rest of your life with Jesus? Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand

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