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When Ministry is Big and God is Small

I can distinctly remember the moment when I realized that something was off. I was working full time in ministry, studying Scripture regularly for writing a children’s discipleship curriculum, lived in a strong community that was passionate about seeking Jesus, and yet I felt dry…empty…weak. God felt distant. Honestly, my personal walk with Him had slowly dwindled away to almost nothing—all in the midst of ministry. Ministry had replaced God, and it wasn’t enough. I was in and around truth,

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Fuel for Ministry

When Paul wrote his letter to the Christians in Colosse, he talked about his goals for ministry. But he didn’t stop there. He went on to explain what really fueled his work and enabled him to present believers mature in Christ.

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What Makes Effective Teams?

Imagine an environment where people are excited about working with your ministry, committed through hard times, engaged in deep and meaningful relationships, and trusting each other and their leaders. That kind of ministry will be exponentially effective, and God will be glorified as we are conformed into His image in these areas. Here's how to cultivate that environment in your ministry.

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