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We are passionate about children’s discipleship and we’d love to share that with you. Invite us to come speak, or take our online training course!

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Heroic Life team and hosting them at our church. The team has a great perspective and outlook on loving and training others. They are an encouraging and personable group who genuinely care about others grasping the gospel. Within the material they teach from, they continually bring you back to why we do what we do… and, it’s all wrapped up in the person of Jesus. We love because He loved; we serve because He served. It’s simple! It’s encouraging! And, it’s contagious!

Stacy C. |Oregon


Invite Heroic Life Discipleship to your church or school for an exciting weekend of practical, personable training adaptable to your specific needs.

Receive training in discipleship, children’s ministry, and personal strength and preparation for ministry.

Choose a “pre-packaged” workshop, mix-and-match sessions, or request topics for us to cover. Our sessions are about 45 minutes long, but can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Here are a few of the tracks we offer:

  • Gospel Foundations – Personal strength and lasting effect in ministry
  • Built to Last – Practical tools for discipleship
  • Heroic Life Discipleship Leader Training – A live (and customizable) version of the online training (below)

Online Leader Training

Take the official Heroic Life Discipleship Leader Training to gain valuable teaching skills and discover how to powerfully and effectively use our curriculum.

This approximately 10-hour training course is self-paced and divided into 20 online sessions so you can enjoy all its benefits with as much flexibility as you need.

Learn To:

  • Clearly communicate truth and the gospel to children.
  • Tell compelling stories that engage your listeners.
  • Lead discussions with children that result in real life change.
  • Manage your classroom through gospel-centered techniques that help create an atmosphere of peace and order.
  • Live with personal strength and lasting impact in ministry and discipleship.


Our Workshop Tracks:

Gospel Foundations

Growth in personal strength and lasting effect in ministry

  • Session 1: So Great a Salvation, part 1 – An introduction to the gospel and how to share it with children
  • Session 2: So Great a Salvation, part 2 – An introduction to the gospel and how to share it with children
  • Session 3: Faithful Messengers – Communicating truth from a position of trusting dependence
  • Session 4: Preparing to Proclaim – Personal preparation for teaching
  • Session 5: Strength to Give – A vision for poured out living

Built to Last

Practical tools for effective discipleship

  • Session 1: The Father’s Call – A Biblical vision for ministry
  • Session 2: Simply the Story – Introduction to oral Bible study
  • Session 3: Truth that Sticks – Preparation for powerful storytelling
  • Session 4: To Such as These – A framework for presenting the gospel to children
  • Session 5: The Way of the Shepherd – Gospel-centered classroom management
  • Session 6: Abiding in Christ – The foundation for remaining strong in ministry
  • Bonus session: Investing Eternally – Mindsets on mentoring

Heroic Life Discipleship Leader Training

A Live and Customizable Version of our Online Training

Gospel Perspectives – 7 sessions
Be inspired as we discuss how the gospel impacts your ministry

  • Gain a vision for children’s ministry
  • Firmly grasp how the gospel affects your life and mission
  • Understand how the gospel practically influences classroom management and other interaction with children

Curriculum Training – 13 sessions
This section details each aspect of our curriculum and how to use it to its maximum potential

  • Learn to facilitate engaging and life-changing discussions
  • Discover practical ways to lead children in worship and prayer
  • Grow in effective lesson preparation and much more!

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