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The Gospel Framework | Part Three

Was there ever a point in your life when you wondered about the “so what?” of the gospel, wondered what the practical effect of it in your day-to-day life was? Understanding that is so important and something that is often neglected in children’s discipleship. As a follow up to our last two blog posts on a framework for communicating the gospel with children, here is a brief framework for communicating a foundation for how to live it out.

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The Gospel Framework | Part Two

On Sunday we began a three-part series on sharing the gospel with children. Once the problem of sin and the need for a Savior has been established with a child, you can then explain how God has dealt with sin through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

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The Gospel Framework | Part One

How do you explain the gospel in a way children can understand? Although discipleship and sharing the gospel never happen the same way twice, having a base of truth that you can easily reference in your mind and pull from when you’re sharing can be very helpful. In our next few blog posts, we’ll walk through a sample “gospel framework.”

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