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The Power of Prayer in Ministry | Part One

With all the demands of daily life, work, and ministry, have you ever wondered how to accomplish the seemingly impossible list of to-do’s? Beyond that, do you wonder if the work you’re doing is even making a difference in the long haul? Here’s what one believer has to say about the power of prayer that will change your ministry, daily life, and walk with Jesus.

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Imagine If | Part Two

Last week, New Tribes Mission Mobilizer Josh Beaudin posted on the role of children in God’s plan to make disciples of all nations. Read part two of his article to hear about the impact of prayer in missions today, and learn three ways to engage children in the Great Commission.

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Imagine If | Part One

Have you ever wondered if God has a “weakness”? I know, I know—this may seem like a ridiculous question. But have you ever wondered if there is anything God can not do—limitations? For example, we know that He can’t lie. (Hebrews 6:18) How about “bullet-proof prayers”? Have you ever wondered if there are prayers that God cannot say “No” to? Are there requests that we can bring before Him and be sure He will answer with a “Yes”?

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