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Heroic Life Discipleship exists to build the next generation into men and women who are passionate for God’s glory, know and treasure Christ supremely, live in victory and joy, and disciple others well.

We do this by providing high quality resources and training that facilitate discipleship, equip for service in God’s kingdom, and spread a passion for the gospel and glory of Jesus Christ.


In the summer of 2012, our church asked us to build a children’s ministry that maintained the fullness of the gospel and was excellent in how it practically functioned.

As we searched for tools to disciple kids in the gospel, we decided to create a resource that would meet our needs for a simple, intuitive, Christ-centered curriculum. Something that covered the depth of God’s Word yet maintained its simplicity. A tool that gave a clear picture of how the truth of Scripture and the gospel practically affects our lives.

Over the course of the next four years, material began to develop as we wrote, revised, implemented our ideas, and then revised some more.

As time went on, our vision grew beyond just running a program at one church. We saw the fruit that God brought about through our work and wanted to share these discipleship tools with others.

Eventually, we sent out a pilot version of the program to numerous locations around the world. Christian schools, inner city missions, homeschool groups, orphan homes, and families from across the globe implemented the material. They liked it! Based on their feedback, we began to finalize and publish our curriculum.

In the fall of 2015, we spun off from our church to form a separate organization, Heroic Life Discipleship. Since then we’ve continued to publish curriculum and provide discipleship resources for churches and families.

We have earnestly prayed for this material to be an instrument in your hands for the establishment of Christ’s kingdom in the young lives around you, and we trust that as God’s Word goes forth, it will be the seed of much lasting fruit for His glory.

Meet the Team

Judah Cofer

Judah Cofer

Business and Marketing Strategist

Aubrey De vries

Director of Communications

Michael Morgan

Michael Morgan


Cristina Morgan

Cristina Morgan

Director of Curriculum and Training

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