Summer 2017 Team Updates | Part One


Do you ever wonder what the Heroic Life Team does after the laptops have closed and the curriculum proofs have been shelved? Occasionally we go on unforgettable adventures. Check out part one of our summer updates below.

Michael Morgan

This summer has been a full one. Aside from the usual work of admin and Semester 3 publication, I’ve been heavily involved in putting together the Family Discipleship program: developing the web system, designing and creating content, etc. As of our launch in early August, the intensity of this side of things has tapered off somewhat.

Aside from Heroic Life Discipleship work, I had the privilege of traveling in July to Winnipeg, Manitoba for the second summer in a row to teach at the Leadership Development Program for Gimli Bible Camp cabin leaders. This included a four-day portage and camping trip in the wilderness of Nopiming Provincial Park. My sessions were on an introduction to the gospel, so we discussed creation, the fall, God’s pattern of animal sacrifice, the life of Christ, repentance and faith, and running our race with endurance. It was a great time of reconnecting with old friends, experiencing the beauty of God’s creation, and soaking in the incredible truths of the gospel.

Normal life has also continued… my work at a local print shop doing graphic design and production, involvement in church, doing random things with family and friends, and heading off to the mountains whenever I can to hike and enjoy the majesty of the Rockies.

This fall I’m taking a class called Perspectives, a Biblical overview of mission and evangelism. It’s been fantastic so far. I also play cello with the Colorado Young Sinfonia and am looking forward to an exciting season of great music this fall and winter.


Cristina Driscoll

The summer of 2017 will always be associated with one main thing in my mind: traveling to the UK and Ireland for the very first time. I had the tremendous privilege of spending a month exploring the British Isles with a dear friend. We visited England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland—a country I’ve dreamed of going to since I was 8-years old. The trip was all I could have hoped for and more and I’m still processing through everything the Lord taught me and blessed me with through it. I spent a couple weeks in Alberta, Canada and Idaho visiting friends on the way back to my home in Colorado so I got some good road tripping in too.

I pretty much drowned in work when I got back because when one goes globe trotting for a whole month and a half, curriculum planning, writing, editing, etc. sure does pile up. But it was worth it, and we even managed to publish a new semester of Heroic Life curriculum as well as launch our family discipleship program. That all mostly happened because I have awesome teammates.

Heroic Life Discipleship curriculum development continues to be a big part of my life, but I could also tell stories of kayaking, adventures with refugees, bike rides, involvement with my local church, toying with the idea of resurrecting a personal blog (Yes? No?), summer night campfires, laughing with my housemates ‘til my sides ache and I can barely breathe, hikes and time in my beloved Rockies whenever I can, watching the solar eclipse from a riverbank in Nebraska with a grand group of “my people,” playing music, walks around my favorite local lake watching the sun rise and set, evenings curled up in my little chair reading, gatherings and times of discussion, prayer, and ridiculous amounts of fun with some of the best friends a girl could ask for, and soaking up every drop of sunshine and warmth I possibly can before summer explodes into a riot of gorgeous color and then settles into the icy loveliness of winter… to name a few things that fill this crazy, wonderful, beautiful life of mine.  

However, lest you get the idea that it’s all sunshine and rose petals, know that it’s also been a summer of challenges and heartache, weariness and tears. But through it all, the faithfulness and steadfast love of the Lord never fail and there is always reason to sing and proclaim His goodness and glory. He is the Reason and the Reward for living, for dying, for everything in between—there is none better, none more precious, and He continues to prove it over and over again. How worthy He is of all.

So here’s to more of Him and the best that is still yet to come. I can hardly wait.

Check out our blog next week for part two of our summer updates and read about both Aubrey’s and Judah’s “globe trotting,” as Cristina calls it.

Michael has served as Director of Heroic Life Discipleship since the ministry began in 2012. He is passionate about effective discipleship, and desires to inspire others to seek after Christ with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Michael enjoys reading, travel, music, volleyball, ice hockey, and hiking.

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