God’s Version of Fatherhood


Absent dads. Abusive fathers. In our culture, there’s a need to clarify what God means when He says He’s a Father. We need to see a picture of fatherhood restored. Why does it matter? Because we believe that the way you view God changes your relationship with Him. We want to take children (and adults) back to Scripture when it comes to understanding the nature of God so they can know Him and walk with Him as the child of a trustworthy father.

We’re excited to see children grow in this through our newest, about-to-be-published curriculum–Semester 3: Faithful Father. (Coming August 31st!) This semester shows God’s character through stories of His interaction with His people, from the life of Joseph all the way to Moses’ disobedience at the rock of Horeb (see Genesis 34-Numbers 20).

In this semester, children will learn what it means to walk with God as they follow stories of the Israelites from the days of Joseph through the life of Moses. These fourteen lessons include topics such as forgiveness, trusting God’s provision, supporting one another, and living a life that reflects God’s glory. As God’s people journey from Egypt into the wilderness, children will discover the abundant provision, protection, and love of their faithful Father who will never leave them.

For tools to help children better know God and walk with Him, check out our Curriculum Page. Our curriculum is divided into eight semesters—fourteen lessons each—that work through God’s Word, giving a clear and applicable presentation of the gospel. Our first semester establishes foundations of the nature of God and of Scripture, and the remaining seven semesters feature stories from the Bible cover to cover.

Click HERE to access our curriculum for children’s discipleship!

Aubrey De Vries grew up in the Midwest where she learned to tell stories, teach music, and host tea parties. She served with Operation Christmas Child for seven years, working as a recruiter and trainer of volunteer teams. She is a graduate of Ellerslie Discipleship Training, as well as an Assistant Instructor with Simply the Story, a ministry providing tools to experience Scripture through story and discussion. Aubrey currently tutors dyslexic students and serves as the Director of Communications for Heroic Life Discipleship.

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