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Leader Training Course




This approximately 10-hour long training course is self-paced and divided into 20 online sessions so you can enjoy all its benefits with as much flexibility as you need. It will lead you through the Heroic Life Discipleship curriculum and how to use it to its highest potential. It covers every aspect of the curriculum, the vision and purpose of each element, how they fit into the curriculum as a whole, and how to effectively prepare and teach each part.
Additionally, the training lays a foundation in the Word of God, the gospel, it’s practical outflow in ministry and everyday life, valuable teaching skills, and mindsets behind discipleship. It is hands-on; practical; and solidly built around Jesus Christ, knowing and glorifying Him, and equipping others to do the same.

The course includes a PDF version of session notes.

Cost: $149 per person

Group Rate (5 or more): $97 per person

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