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Meet the Team | Part Three

Meet Aubrey De Vries, the Director of Communications for Heroic Life Discipleship. Aubrey grew up in the Midwest and later moved to Colorado to attend Ellerslie Discipleship Training. When she’s not writing curriculum, you might find Aubrey reading, tutoring, or spending time in the Rocky Mountains. Aubrey De Vries “Heroic Life Discipleship gives children a deep grounding in the truth of Scripture so they don’t just know about Jesus, but actually know Him.” This wraps up our team introduction series.

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Meet the Team | Part Two

Meet Judah Cofer, the Business and Marketing Strategist for Heroic Life Discipleship. Judah is a Pastoring Elder at The Church at Ellerslie, and lives in Windsor, Colorado with his wife and three children. Judah Cofer “No matter what work I’m doing, my heart is to reach out to people, share Jesus, and train them through discipleship to live a heroic life.”

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Meet the Team | Part One

Meet Michael Morgan and Cristina Driscoll, members of the Heroic Life Discipleship team. This week we’re introducing our team through a series of short videos. Come back Wednesday to view Part Two and meet Judah Cofer!

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An Introduction

We believe that it is absolutely essential for children to hear and understand the gospel as they grow up. Why wait for them to grow older before beginning solid discipleship that results in knowing and following Jesus? When we look at Scripture, we don’t see a different version of Christianity for children. However, we do see a simple and clear gospel that a child can understand and live out.

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Equipped for the Journey

Every Christian is called to be a disciple-maker. But what does true discipleship look like? On January 15, we’re launching this blog to explore what it means to make disciples, and to provide practical resources for you to implement in your home, church or mission.

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